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As our homes become smarter, the demand for compatibility between different smart devices and platforms is on the rise. Homeowners want to control and monitor their devices effortlessly, which leads us to the question: Does Chamberlain myQ work with Google Assistant?

In this guide, I will delve into the details of Chamberlain myQ and Google Home Assistant, explore how they can work together, and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to connect them. So, let's get started!

Does Chamberlain myQ work with Google Home Assistant?

No, Chamberlain myQ is not directly compatible with Google Home Assistant, but you can get it to work with Google Assistant by bridging the services through IFTTT.


You will notice that myQ is not listed in the Google Home app under their Works with Google program, it used to be but is no longer available.

This will allow you to control your myQ-enabled garage door opener with voice commands through Google Assistant via the free service from IFTTT. This integration offers convenience and enhances the overall functionality of your smart home.

What is Chamberlain myQ?

The MYQ-G0401 Garage Door Opener

Before I dive into the compatibility details, let's briefly introduce Chamberlain myQ.

Chamberlain myQ is a smart garage door opener system that allows you to control and monitor your compatible Chamberlain garage door from your smartphone.

It uses a hub that attaches to the motor of your garage door opener, connecting it to the myQ app through your WiFi. This allows features like opening or closing the door remotely, getting notifications when the door opens or closes, and sharing access with others.

myQ integrates with Google Assistant through IFTTT for expanded smart home functionality.

What is Google Home Assistant?

Google Home Assistant is Google's smart home system that uses your Google account and devices like Google Home smart speakers to control compatible smart home devices with your voice.

You can use voice commands to control connected lights, thermostats, appliances and more. It ties into Google services like calendars, contacts, reminders and more for automation and convenience.

How to Connect Chamberlain myQ with Google Home Assistant

Now that we understand what Chamberlain myQ and Google Home Assistant are, let's explore how to connect them for seamless integration:

Before you begin, ensure your Chamberlain myQ garage door opener is compatible with IFTTT. Most newer myQ models support this integration such as the MYQ-G0401-ES.


Third-party integrations such as IFTTT cannot be used to open your garage door, they can only close your garage door or report on the door's status - if it's currently open or closed.

Install the MyQ App: If you haven't already, download and install the myQ app on your smartphone. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Set Up Your MyQ Account: Create a myQ account or log in if you already have one. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your garage door opener within the app.

Go to Log in or create a free account. Once logged in go to and click the Connect button.

After clicking the Connect button you will see further instructions for linking IFTTT to Google Home.

Now open the Google Home app on your smartphone, go to the devices section and click Add.

Then select Works with Google option and search for IFTTT in the search bar at the top of the screen. Select IFTTT and sign in to IFTTT when the page opens up.

These screenshots should help show you where you need to go in the app.

Click + AddClick on Works with GoogleClick Continue

Once Google Home has successfully been linked to IFTTT go back to this page: and it should now automatically redirect you to the myQ authentication page where you will need to authorise access to link myQ to IFTTT.

Enter your myQ account email and password then click Authenticate.

Once linked, you will have an active applet inside IFTTT that will allow you to close the garage door with your voice through Google Assistant.

More applets are available in IFTTT that can be found on this page:

Test Voice Commands: You can now use voice commands with Google Home Assistant to control your garage door. For example, say, "Hey Google, close the garage door."

Congratulations! You've successfully connected myQ with Google Home Assistant, allowing you to control your garage door with ease.

Other Features and Benefits of Connecting myQ to Google Home

In addition to direct voice control, there are some other handy benefits to linking your myQ garage door and Google Home system:

  • Remote Access - You can control your garage door from anywhere via the Google Home app on your smartphone.

  • Notifications - Get mobile alerts when your garage door opens or closes.

  • Activity Logs - Review logs of garage door activity detected by myQ.

  • IFTTT Integration - Connect to IFTTT for setting automations based on garage door status.

  • Smart Scheduling - Leverage Google Calendar integration to set times for your door to automatically open/close.

  • Added Convenience - Quickly open your door to let someone in without having to go find your phone or MyQ app.

Pros and Cons of Connecting myQ to Google Home

Here's a quick rundown of some of the key pros and cons to consider about integrating Chamberlain myQ with your Google smart home system:

Voice control convenience to open and close doorMonthly/yearly myQ subscription required
Remote access to garage door from anywherePotential for glitches or loss of connection
Notifications and activity trackingPossible latency between commands and door moving
Access automation through IFTTTMultiple subsequent commands can confuse operation
No offline local control without internet
No direct account linking through Google Home

Troubleshooting Tips for myQ Google Home Integration

If you're having trouble getting your myQ system to connect and work with Google Home, here are some tips to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure your myQ hub has power and is showing as online in the myQ app.

  • Check that both your Google Home and myQ apps are updated to the latest versions.

  • Re-link your Chamberlain account in IFTTT and re-select your location.

  • Try rebooting your myQ hub by unplugging it and plugging it back in after 30 seconds.

  • Make sure 2.4Ghz WiFi is enabled on your network since myQ requires this.

  • Verify your myQ account is authorized in IFTTT.

  • As a last resort, you can factory reset your myQ hub and set it back up again.

  • Contact Chamberlain or Google support if issues persist.


Can I check the status of my garage door with Google Home Assistant?

Yes, you can. With the IFTTT Chamberlain myQ integration, you can ask Google Home Assistant to check the status of your garage door, whether it's open or closed.

Is a Subscription Required to Connect myQ and Google Home?

Chamberlain does require a paid subscription plan to connect myQ to IFTTT and other smart home services. This subscription is called myQ Smart Plan and costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.
The subscription is necessary to enable remote access, control, and integrations for myQ. So in short - yes, you do need an active paid myQ subscription for full integration between myQ and Google Home Assistant.

Can I use voice commands to open and close my garage door with Google Home Assistant?

You can use voice commands to control your garage door through Google Home Assistant. Just say "Hey Google, close the garage door."

What if I have multiple garage doors controlled by myQ?

If you have multiple myQ-enabled garage doors, you can assign unique names to each door during the setup process. This allows you to control them individually using voice commands.

Are there any security concerns with using voice commands for my garage door?

Chamberlain myQ takes security seriously. Voice commands are securely authenticated, ensuring that only authorized users can control your garage door.

Can I schedule my garage door to open and close at specific times using Google Home Assistant?

Yes, you can create schedules and routines within the Google Home Assistant app to automate the closing of your garage door at specific times.


Connecting your Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener to Google Home Assistant is straightforward and provides some great conveniences through voice control and automation capabilities.

With the ability to check your garage door status, open or close it, and receive notifications all using voice commands, it's a useful integration for any smart home.

Just keep in mind the MyQ subscription requirement and follow the troubleshooting tips if you run into any issues getting your MyQ and Google Home devices linked up.

If you have any more questions about Chamberlain MyQ, Google Home Assistant, or smart home technology in general, feel free to reach out. We're here to help you make the most of your smart home experience.

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